This year we will gather June 22-25

at the Windward Community in Southern WA.

What does ReRadical Mean? ReRadical gets it's name from the original meaning of the word 'Radical' meaning 'of the root' or 'going to the origin' . For us, being ReRadical means that we are turning our awareness and attention back to the root. The root of what? The root of human connection, culture, and a life well lived. We believe, because of personal experiences and wisdom that has been passed down to us through the ages, that people thrive when they are an integral and celebrated part of a clear community structure. 

At ReRadical Village Camp we are cultivating our connections, to ourselves, to each other, and to the earth. We are getting back to the root of what it means to live in community, and how to get there with intention. 

Some of our exciting workshops!

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At RVC, campers are able to gain skills, wisdom, and experiences that will allow them to come closer to living sustainably within a community structure. RVC focuses on three specific areas of exploration:

The Sustainable Land-Based Living Track offers campers hard, earth based, living skills. These skills vary year to year depending upon the season and the hosting community and their goals and visions. Topics include natural and alternative building, seed saving, soil building, bee keeping, food preservation, sustainable forestry, wool working, tool making, water catchment, collection, and treatment, permaculture, herbal medicine, etc.

The Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Practices Track focuses on the connection to self and to other within a community structure. This track has two main focuses, the intimacy focus (with self and with other) as well as the structure focus. Topics with a focus on intimacy include non-violent communication, co-counseling, transparency practices, shadow and shame work, personal growth practices, communicating boundaries and desires, sexual freedom work, etc. Topics with a focus on structure include conflict resolution, facilitation skills, organizational structures (such as sociocracy), how to make decisions in groups, radical sharing, income sharing, etc.

The Interdependence Ritual Building Track track focuses on sharing wisdom, ancient and new, that facilitates the creation of culture that is bioregionally-based. Bioregionally-based culture is rooted in the land that it exists within. It is informed by the passing of the seasons, the way water moves within a particular bioregion, the plants, animals, and insects that live within a particular region, etc. This track promotes the idea that land-based sustainable community is in deep relationship with the land it is based within, and therefore, the communities organizational structure, way of livelihood, and communication styles will be based upon what the land holds. In this track campers are facilitated in creating land-based rituals. This track includes Song Weaving, Dance, Storytelling, Dreamwork, Rites of Passage, and land based rituals.

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