• Are children welcome at ReRadical Village Camp?

Great question! We definitely invite children to RVC! At our ideal camp we would provide

programming for them as well. However since this is our first year, we're still figuring some

things out. Please do bring your kids along, and we'll offer child care during workshop hours.

If enough children register in April (approx 8 or more), we will do our best to have a kids program

as well!

Babies in arms can come for free,discounted tickets are available for children under

12 for $100, and tickets for young people ages 12 - 18 are $175.


  • All are all meals provided?

We will be cooking and serving food for all attendees at every breakfast, lunch, and dinner

with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options at all meals. Breakfast will be a simple buffet 

of hard boiled eggs, granola, milk, and cut fruit. Bring your own plate, bowl, cup, and utensils

You may want to consider bringing specialty foods to meet your special dietary needs. There

will a 'campers kitchen' with a fridge, storage space and one stove burner for use. There are no

pots and pans in the camper kitchen. 


  • What are the accommodations like?

All campers at RVC will be camping in the pine and oak forest of the

Windward Community and Sustainability Center, located in Wahkiacus, Washington. The private

40-acre campground is part of Windward’s 130-acre state-recognized Stewardship Forest, 

managed by members of the community for timber, firewood, forage, food, medicinals, mushrooms,

art and craft materials, wildlife habitat, solace, refuge, and inspiration.

The Windward campground is primitive, contrasting to many “improved” campgrounds found in

state parks and forests. There is well water available from spigots, vault toilets (a kind of outhouse),

and two showers, but the campground is mostly forest. Electricity will be publicly available for medical

purposes only, so either keep your phone off to save batteries, bring a solar charger, or charge your

electronics in your car. In short, please be prepared for a rustic weekend in the woods!

Located in the transition zone between the temperate rain forests of the western Cascades and the

high grasslands of eastern Washington, between the alpine ecosystems of Mt Adams and the

Mediterranean climate in the Columbia River Gorge, the land is home to many micro-habitats including

oak woodlands, moist fir forests, and open pine groves with vistas of Mt Hood. In June, the forest will

be blooming with delicate wildflowers, brimming with lichens, and cradled by the music of migratory songbirds.


  • Can I come late? Or leave early?

We will begin the gathering on Thursday night with camp orientation and an opening

ritual. It is important for all participants to be at the camp orientation, and we would love

your presence for the opening ritual. Please arrive on time to help the flow of the weekend. 

We prefer that you stay with us through the gathering. If you need to leave early, please

let our registrar know by emailing reradicalregistrar@gmail.com.


  • Is this a sober event?

Yes! ReRadical Village Camp is a sober event. This means that substances such as

Alcohol, Marijuana, Psychedelics, and other illegal or mind altering substances 

are not welcome. 


More Frequently Asked Questions coming soon!