Christina Sasser - Food in Community

Christina Sasser

has been living in Intentional Communities and communal households for the past 10 years, where she is often known as the kitchen manager, head chef, or sometimes affectionately known as the "house mama".  She is an entrepreneur, caterer, a natural foods chef, product developer & founder of Activation Foods & Vital Leaf.  She is also the co-founder and curator of the Nourishment Lab, the premier pop-up cooking school for transformational festivals and events.  She is passionate about sustainable food systems, permaculture, creating thriving businesses models that support regenerative agriculture, food education & food politics.  

Food in Community Workshop:

The kitchen is the hearth of a community.  It's the place where we gather daily to nourish our hearts, souls & bodies. It's the place where we find not only sustenance, but a place to play, be creative, use our senses, and to work together in a spirit of service for the health of the community, and it's also a sanctuary where heart medicine is made.  During this workshop we'll look at examples of how different Intentional Communities organize their food plans, kitchens, purchasing & sourcing, storage, processing, menu planning, meeting dietary restrictions, and communal food based business models.  

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