Davi Rios - Community Models & Communism is a Nice Idea in Theory

Davi Rios

grew up in an intentional community, founded two, lived in
several more, and visited dozens. A self-described policy nerd, Davi
asks probing questions about the systems, structures, ownership, and
funding models of the communities they visit. A general contractor and
bookkeeper by day, Davi moonlights consulting with forming and
re-organizing communities in drafting clear policies that reflect the
intentions of their members. As the parent of a 5-year-old, Davi
invites the curious to ask about growing up and parenting in

Community Models

What kind of community should I join or start? Who should own the
land? How should we relate to each other financially? How should we
relate to the land? How should we make decisions? When we join or
found an intentional community, we reject many of the default answers
to these questions. While each community is unique, there are several
common and successful models. In this workshop we will discuss
ecovillages, cohousing, egalitarian communes, co-ops, and
religious/spiritual communities. We will talk about some of the
advantages and disadvantages of each and how communities can combine
elements from different models.

Communism is a Nice Idea in Theory

The radical edge of resource sharing in community is the
egalitarianism. Members share their income, distribute resources
equally or according to need, encourage each other’s individual
growth, and include everyone in decision making. This workshop will
start with an oversimplification of Marxist theory, take a left turn
through feminism, and arrive at the how, why, and where people are
living this radical lifestyle today. We’ll take an in depth look at
several communities, including their labor, income, and decision
making structures as well as some of the specific resources that are
available to egalitarian communities.

Sara Gally