La Lurrien - The Art of Community Building

La Lurrien

I have spent my life creating in the world: Businesses, Community, Art…and all of the relationships and creationships inherent in the process.

My spiritual practices have always included a variety of medicines as well as Meditation, Yoga, Ayahuasca Shamanism, Hindu Tantra, Mayan Tzolkin and Living my Life as Art.

I have spent many years making ceramics, painting, batik, henna body art, and photography. As a writer I have focused on poetry and in particular working with the formation of new words…

I am part of the dynamic cocreation of an Intention Community near White Salmon WA in the Gorge. Atlan is becoming an Village with a Learning Center and our progress is slow and steady.

The Art of Community Building

I will bring an art project with me to share and we will explore our feelings around building community through the act of creation. 

I will share my lineage of Living Life As Art --

Building Community is a fully Heartful and Artful endeavor!!

Sara Gally