Lindsay Hagamen - Relationships in Community

Lindsay Hagamen 

is a fierce lover of Life – devoting herself to creating a culture where we can live freely and love fully as we tend to the body of this beloved Earth. Lindsay is the President of the WindwardFoundation, an intentional community 30 years in the making, dedicated to supporting cultural change-makers in embodying the knowledge and skills needed to live well with one another and the Earth. She is co-author of Ecosexuality and co-creator of the annual EcoSex Convergence and TerraSoma. She enjoys immersing her hands in rich soil, giving belly rubs to her pigs and supporting those around her in becoming fully alive. 

Intentional Relationships in Intentional Communities


Intentional communities offer abundant opportunity to explore connection and intimacy with fellow community members. How do we actually create conscious connections that nourish us during our every day lives and promote the well-being of the whole community? In this open conversation, we will explore together what different intimate relationships and love-styles can look like in community, some best practices for mindful exploration of relationships, some tips on how to avoid common pitfalls and minimize the drama! Come with your questions, stories and open-hearted curiosity.

Sara Gally