Marta Gradilone and Roberto Rodriguez - Going Deeper & Transparency Skills

Roberto Rodriguez

 has been a teacher since 1985, and started facilitating intimacy and community-building workshops in 2001. Since then, he has been refining his skills as a facilitator, movement arts teacher, and intimacy coach. Formally trained as an educator, his passion for experiential learning processes shines through his various offerings. As a community-builder he is very accessible and is committed to life-long learning.

Marta Gradilone

discovered the world of New Culture while attending a permaculture intensive at La’akea community in 2006. She fell in love with intentional communities, the practices of transparency, NVC, and intimacy-building in groups and relishes in engaging in and sharing these with others. She has been co-leading workshops with Roberto since 2009 and is passionate about relationships, self-responsibility, and empowering others to become agents of change for a healthier & more loving  world.

Going Deeper

How would you like to know what’s really going on with the people in our community? What could you share that would help you feel more connected and more authentic? "Going Deeper” is about skillful transparency that brings us closer as a community by co-creating a container for self-revelation and compassionate listening, building trust one relationship at a time. 

Transparency Tools for Intimacy/Relating

The tools offered in this workshop seem to have the greatest impact on groups that interact regularly over time.  Whether the objectives of the pair/group are increased intimacy, team-building, or the completion of a team’s project or goal, we find that when we mix together self-revelation, curiosity, inquiry, active listening, and supportive challenges we create increased understanding, empathy, and connection. With these in place, the group moves toward greater harmony and cooperation.

The exercises and games we offer support individual autonomy when sharing information while the group builds a trusting context leading towards greater group cohesion.  Participants will also learn language forms that foster honest and self-responsible communication.

Sara Gally