Meghan Quinn & Anna Helena Jackson - Community Ritual

Meghan Quin

Meghan's "ah ha" moment that influenced the course of her life came when she was introduced to Reiki as a teenager in Michigan in 2000. A year later, she moved to Eugene, OR to make home and has been there ever since, growing roots in Cascadia land and community. Meghanplays in the deep mysteries of life and is forever using herself as a laboratory to experiment in the varied ways of being human, exploring flow states by maximizing the human potential within ritual, ceremony, dance, music-making/vocal alchemy, breath work, sense deprivation tanks, and other practices outside of social norms. Meghan has had a private healing practice since 2004 as an LMT and considers herself a Healing Artist, having studied and practiced too many modalities to name. Currently, her practice is focused on Bowenwork, Shamanic Practices, Reiki, Birth-related preparation and healing, and Sound Healing Journeys as well as teaching monthly Reiki workshops. It is her passion to co-create and participate in strong containers of group experiences when the ego-mind falls away and epiphanies, inspiration, breakthroughs, and unity happen throughbeing "in the zone". 

Anna Helena Jackson

is a multimedium visionary artist, sound healer and reiki master currently practicing in Eugene Oregon.  Her greatest passion is cultivating a rich relationship with the child within everyone through play! Anna works with individuals and groups of all ages. She Intuitively utilizes a multitude of modalities to forge connection and create safe space for participants to express themselves freely. In her free time Anna makes music, dances and prays in the forest.

Sara Gally