Melanie Rios - Biochar & Teal Sociocracy

Melanie Rios

is an urban gardener, musician and community coach and leader.  She offers workshops and coaching in organizational development, conflict transformation, permaculture, emergency preparation, biochar stoves, and composting.  She sings with the Threshold Choir, and volunteers with her local neighborhood emergency team. She has lived in intentional communities for forty years, and is currently founding a new permaculture-based community household where she lives in Portland, Oregon.

Biochar is a Star

What humble black and crumbly substance can help reverse climate change, contribute to soil ferility, protect our forests, help cook and purify water outdoors, and facilitate human waste recycling?  It’s biochar, a form of charcoal you can make yourself in a home-made biochar stove.  This workshop will provide ideas for making and using biochar in the backyard for everyday purposes and in emergency situations.

Tools for Creating a Collaborative Culture

Imagine all humans on Planet Earth took time off from business as usual to reorganize ours lives in support of life.  Our purpose would be to create a world in which conflict is addressed peacefully, where everyone has access to what they need to be healthy, where we all have the freedom to explore ideas and develop skills and customs that are of interest to us, and where our planetary ecosystems are protected for the indefinite future.

This workshop offers nuts and bolt ideas for implementing such a vision that can also be applied on a smaller scale in our villages and other groups back home.  It draws from sources including Sociocracy (which means “governance by companions”), Teal governance (described in a book called Reinventing Organizations), Compassionate Communication (which supports speaking and listening skills), the Process Institute work (which helps groups hear all voices), and Loomio  (project management tools.) We will dive into a couple of these concepts in an interactive manner, and otherwise offer enough information to help you learn more at home.

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