Shay Hohmann - Reading the Plantscape

Shay Hohmann

riginally from western Washington, Shay currently lives in Eugene, OR, where he has spent numerous hours wildcrafting and growing herbs for himself and others. He studied ecology at The Evergreen State College and completed a two year apprenticeship at The Columbines School of Botanical Medicine. He devotes much of his time to developing hands-on skills of all types, which include clinical herbalism, metalworking, shoe-making and leathercraft, animal processing, natural building, and ecological design. He currently works for FireSpeaking LLC and volunteers at Kindle Cascadia and Occupy Medical.

Reading the Plantscape
Understanding the herbs and other plants around us to better serve our community

"Our relation to place fosters connection between ourselves, the land, and each other. Our understanding of our surroundings allows us to develop a reciprocal and symbiotic relationship with our landscape. In addition, plants help tell the story of the land, and we can learn a lot from their patterns simply by observing them. This skill has been essential to the thriving of our species since time immemorial. Lets get to know local herbs and ecology through exploration of the land at Windward, focusing on edible, medicinal, and ecologically important species along with how to work with them."

Sara Gally